Jetson-Nano How to Upgrade your Jetson Nano Ubuntu distro to latest version – on the command line

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Feb 26, 2015

The upgrade process on the command-line is very similar to what we have already done. The only difference is no GUI will be launched and you will be asked Y/N questions in the terminal window.

Before we start be sure you're logged out the Jetson Nano and use other device to do this upgrade.
This needs to be done through command line and desktop need to be logged of because the upgrade progress..

When logged in your Jetson Nano type:

  1. Let's update our Jetson Nano before we begin
    sudo apt update

  2. Now we do a full upgrade on Jetson Nano
    sudo apt full-upgrade -y

  3. Let's remove leftovers is there are some.
    sudo apt autoremove -y

  4. Now it's cleanup time
    sudo apt clean

  5. Now we reboot our Jetson Nano because some updates.
    sudo reboot now

  6. When we are bck logged in to the Jetson Nano and we know our Jetson Nano is fully updated we type:
    sudo do-release-upgrade -d

Once complete, you will can log into the Ubuntu desktop: